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Lighting design principles of stage lighting equipment

The system design of stage lighting equipment is carried out in accordance with the regularity of stage design performance and unique application regulations, and its purpose depends on the lighting effect processing technology equipment required in the process of reproducing various artistic performances, carried out according to system engineering projects The design plan is equipped to make the stage lighting equipment system accurately and completely display the stage lighting service items for the plastic arts.

Create a completely free space for stage lighting design and integrate all lighting requirements for stage lighting. In order to enable the continuous operation of the equipment system of the stage lighting, moderately increase the storage of the equipment system of the stage lighting and expand the interior space, the equipment of the stage lighting The anti-interference of the system and the safety factor of the stage lighting are used as the key lighting design index values; the high-efficiency stage lighting can be cold light lamps and the new lighting fixtures are introduced into the lighting design of the stage lighting equipment system. Any interest pls contact us for business – stage lighting equipment supplier


Five Lighting design principles

1. The process lighting design and equipment system of the stage lighting is equipped with a comprehensive theater application function, and in a short period of time, it can alternate the actual operation plan of the stage lighting of a variety of dramas.

2. The lighting design of the equipment system of the stage lighting manufacturer can be quickly changed from a lighting fixture stage lighting plan to another kind of stage lighting fixture plan. The lighting design change time of such a stage lighting equipment department is within 2 hours get on.

3. The equipment system of the stage lighting allows the application of all types of stage lighting equipment and other filling equipment systems.

4. The stage lighting system is designed with sufficient safety factor and storage capacity, and all systems carry out continuous diagnosis and inspection of the main console without the premise of interrupting the main energy supply.

5. The equipment system in the stage lighting system conforms to the technical standards of the actual stage background noise. In the empty field, the noise of all stage lighting equipment systems when turned on and the influence of external noise is not higher than NR25. Test case 1M actual effect equipment The noise does not exceed 30dB

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