How to use the regulator

The regulator is a computer control device or manual control device that uses the international 512 signals to edit, record, control, and other functions of light brightness and various effects. Usually can be divided into digital dimming station and analog dimming station. Learn more info click stage lighting equipment supplier

1. Run (View) Bank manually

あ. Press the Auto / Del key to select the manual state, then the ManualLED lights up
B. Press Bank (UP / Down key) to select Bank
C. Press Scenes to select Scene

2. Manually run (view) Chase

あ. Press the Auto / Del key to select the manual state, then * dMD lights up
B. Press ChasetylDIE to select the corresponding Chase
C. Press the TAD / DISPLY key to display how many steps in the corresponding Chase
D. Press Black (UP / Down key) to view each step

3. Automatically run the program

あ. Press the Auto / Del key to select the automatic operation state, the corresponding LED is lit
B. In the case where no Chase key is pressed, the bank will run automatically. Use Bank (UP / Down key) to select the bank to run
C. In the automatic running state, which Chase key is pressed which Chase program will automatically run, or you can press multiple Chase keys at the same time to cycle multiple Chases.

4. In automatic operation

あ. Use the Speed ​​slider to adjust the interval between steps
B. Use FAD to adjust the dream time

投稿時間: 2020-06-04