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Introduction and usage instructions of Par light

Parameters of par light

Par light XC-C-01 detailed description: Power input: AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power: 56 * 3W
Beam divergence angle: 25 °
DMX channels: 4 channels
Light source: Super Bright LED 3W54PCS (R: 18, G: 18, B: 18PCS)
Protocol: USITT DMX-512 Control mode: DMX, automatic operation
Operation mode: master-slave synchronization, stand-alone self-propelled, voice control
Signal input / output: 3-pin caron seat
Light body size: length 330 x width 232x height 290mm
Lamp housing material: die-cast aluminum
Application place: disco, dance hall, bar, night club, and various large performance venues


Instructions for use

1. The lamp can be installed in any position, to ensure that the light has a certain distance from people, to ensure that the light is locked, there should be sufficient safety precautions in use.

2. Make sure there are a stable voltage and frequency as a stable power supply, and connect the lamp correctly, then turn it on. Please ensure that the power supply is disconnected during maintenance. If you want to turn on or maintain a clean light source, the maximum brightness output will be maintained. If you regularly clean the dust of the lamps and extend the life of the lamps, please use a professional glass cleaning fluid to clean it Use alcohol or chemical liquid for cleaning, and vacuum the dust inside once a year.


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