Wedding stage lighting

Wedding lights design

The lighting arrangement at the wedding scene is also very important. It can make the wedding banquet scene achieve a romantic and warm atmosphere, and you can also use the lights to change the wedding banquet scene.


Beam lights :

Beam light is a relatively new type of lamp with high brightness, strong light, and low load, and it is used in wedding scenes with good visual effects. It is simply passionate, so this type of light is often used Wedding lighting arrangement.








Follow spot lights:

The spotlight is one of the necessary lights, which is to make a circular light. Generally, manual control is used. Wherever people go, the spotlight will automatically chase the light and illuminate a certain place. For example, when the newcomer entered the stadium, the lights in the audience went out, and a bunch of lights hit the newcomer and became the focus of the audience.






Wall Wash Lights:

Weddings generally have a theme, and themes are colored, so here you need to use colored lights, that is, dyed lights, this kind of lights can emit different colors of light, can create a soft and romantic for the entire wedding scene Wedding atmosphere and it can also be used as a spotlight.






Moving Head:

Generally arranged on the stage, you can shake your head and achieve color-changing and patterning functions through continuous rotation. The patterns they play can dance to the ceiling and walls with music, which will have a good effect.







Laser Lighs:

Many people may know the laser light. Like the little laser light we played as a kid, it can play a variety of laser effects. The light has a long range and a strong beam. It also splits a laser beam into many beams. It can also print patterns, texts, etc. It is usually dreamy and very sensation when used on wedding dresses or halls.






It is mainly cast to the front stage performance area (such as 8-10m behind the curtain line) for character modeling or three-dimensional effects constituting objects on the stage





Effects equipment:

fire machine , smoke machine.




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