Fashion / Auto Show Lighting

Fashion Show / Auto Show Lighting

Fashion Show

Lighting is an indispensable and important prop for stage performances. It can produce dreamlike stage effects and make the entire stage full of magic. Lighting creates a perfect stage for fashion designers, and better reflects the soul created by the works under the light.


The role of lighting in the stage :

  1. The light can make the audience feel different season effects, and the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter can be displayed on the stage at the same time through the light effects;
  2. Light can make the stage more layered and three-dimensional;
  3. Lights can also express different atmospheres and more. The most central part of the stage is the light, without lights which means there is no modern stage.

The lighting of fashion show :


Auto show lighting :

The auto show is very attractive for car enthusiasts, and there are many beautiful new high-end cars at the auto show. In addition to the beautiful car models that attract people’s attention, the most important thing is let the beautiful cars under the blessing of the lights.

Under the blessing of different lights, the different positioning of the car is better highlighted, so that the streamline and design concept of the car are better represented.


Lighting of aoto show :


Post time: 2019-12-06