Disco Club Lighting

Club lighting design

The main purpose of the bar lighting design is to attract customers into bar consumption. The gorgeous effect of the light can provide the consumer with visual impact force, and the lighting effect can also have an irreplaceable role in the production and adjustment of the scene atmosphere, and the stunning stage lighting design can drive the field resonance. Lighting serves the environment and functions. We are constantly exploring how to use the brightness, color, distribution, and movement of the lights to bring out the inner emotions of the lights, update various combinations of lights, and strive to provide the best aesthetics and mood in the bar space.

The lighting design of the bar must closely fit the reality so that it can easily cope with the discerning appreciation of consumers. Renovation design is an overall process, whether it is the appearance, the front door, the store door, or the store. Entering the store, supplemented by a variety of hospitality skills to drive customer spending. The combination of decorations can create highlights for the bar and attract more consumers.








The focus of lighting design is to use directional beam lamps to form moving head lights, wash lights, effect lights, and laser lights, which are installed in different levels in different combinations to form the three-dimensional effect of the light.








Moving head lights: used to create the visual impact of the scene of the bar, scene space, pattern virtual, etc.



Wash lights: used for bar atmosphere adjustment, environment rendering, light and shade and color adjustment, etc.



Effect lights: special effects scenes, visual effects, etc. for bar use.



Laser lights: special effects scenes, visual effects, atmosphere transfer, etc. for bar use.



Post time: 2019-11-12