Concert stage lighting

Concert Stage Lighting Design

Performing arts as an integrated art of time and space requires a space to maintain the relationship between viewing and performing—a theater or a performance venue. In the performances that transcend time and space, stage artists collectively form a visual and auditory creative space with multidimensional factors such as sound, light, color, shape, etc., and continue to develop with the change of time and plots and scenes. Whether it’s a turning point in a dramatic plot or a performance of an opera, singing, and dancing, at the same time, the performance lights in the audience’s vision or in an unconscious manner change the light effect of the light, the change of physical space or the functions of the lighting equipment This kind of visual performance effect. Participate in performances by shaping images, rendering colors, changing rhythms, and forming a special stage performance space atmosphere with visual vocabulary, which affects the emotional changes of the audience, and forms a specific space that interacts with the content of the stage performance.

The mainstream lights used on the stage are beam lights, effect lights, moving head lights, wash lights, follow lights, laser lights, etc. Different combinations are used to create different atmospheres, scenes, specific spaces, etc.

Moving heads :380、350 3in1、280、260、250、230


Post time: 2019-11-12