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  • Il·luminació Discoteca Club

    Club lighting design The main purpose of the bar lighting design is to attract customers into bar consumption. The gorgeous effect of the light can provide the consumer with visual impact force, and the lighting effect can also have an irreplaceable role in the production and adjustment of the scene atmosphere, and the stunning stage lighting design can drive the field resonance. Lighting serves the environment and functions. We are constantly exploring how to use the brightness, color, distribution, and movement of the lights to bring out the inner emotions of the lights, update various combinations of lights, and strive to provide the best aesthetics and mood in the bar space. The lighting design of the bar must closely fit…
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  • Il·luminació d’estudi

    Film and television lighting design Lighting plays a role in conveying information, expressing emotions, accentuating the atmosphere, portraying a character and psychological changes in the film. It affects the formation of the film's tone and the presentation of the film's style. It forms an opposing and unified relationship with the film's tone and combines with other modeling methods to express the film's rhythm and melody.                     Use of light can be divided into the following typesFront light: that is, forward light. This refers to the light that illuminates the subject in the same direction as the camera. Side light: side light. Light from the side of the subject that is 90…
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  • Il·luminació escènica de concerts

    Concert Stage Lighting Design Performing arts as an integrated art of time and space requires a space to maintain the relationship between viewing and performing—a theater or a performance venue. In the performances that transcend time and space, stage artists collectively form a visual and auditory creative space with multidimensional factors such as sound, light, color, shape, etc., and continue to develop with the change of time and plots and scenes. Whether it's a turning point in a dramatic plot or a performance of an opera, singing, and dancing, at the same time, the performance lights in the audience's vision or in an unconscious manner change the light effect of the light, the change of physical space or the functions…
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  • Il·luminació d’escenari de noces

    Wedding lights design The lighting arrangement at the wedding scene is also very important. It can make the wedding banquet scene achieve a romantic and warm atmosphere, and you can also use the lights to change the wedding banquet scene.   Beam lightsBeam light is a relatively new type of lamp with high brightness, strong light, and low load, and it is used in wedding scenes with good visual effects. It is simply passionate, so this type of light is often used Wedding lighting arrangement.               Follow spot lightsThe spotlight is one of the necessary lights, which is to make a circular light. Generally, manual control is used. Wherever people go,
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  • Moda / Il·luminació de salons automàtics

    Fashion Show / Auto Show Lighting Fashion ShowLighting is an indispensable and important prop for stage performances. It can produce dreamlike stage effects and make the entire stage full of magic. Lighting creates a perfect stage for fashion designers, and better reflects the soul created by the works under the light.   The role of lighting in the stageThe light can make the audience feel different season effects, and the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter can be displayed on the stage at the same time through the light effectsLight can make the stage more layered and three-dimensional; Lights can also express different atmospheres and more. The most central part of the stage is…
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